Top 5 Hungover Films

We’ve all been there. Waking up groggy and questionably sober the morning after, struggling to the kitchen to make whatever food you think might cure the indissoluble queasiness in your stomach. You’re far too fragile to do anything truly productive – in fact you start shivering just thinking about it – so what else is there to do? Put on a film, of course, and attempt to lose your wreck of a self in an interesting story. Press play…

parks and rec


The Hangover

Didn’t wake up with a tiger, a baby, a missing friend and a ruined penthouse? Well, you’re already doing better than Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifinakas in this comedy classic. I’m sure I don’t have to explain the premise, but it’s a timely reminder that, unless you too have been drugged and got embroiled with a tiny gangster and Mike Tyson, then your hangover could definitely be worse.



A beautifully shot, vivid film crammed with positivity, infectious French music and appealing eccentricities, Oscar-winning Amelie is guaranteed to lift even the most gloomy hangover sufferer into an optimistic spirit. Audrey Tatou’s Amelie is on an anonymous mission to aid her fellow Parisians through a series of heart-warming good deeds, and is so infused with cheerfulness that it’s impossible to resist a wry smile.


27 Dresses

Much like James Marsden’s dismissive attitude towards his newspaper’s wedding section, romantic comedies are often rejected by serious cinema-goers as sentimental and sappy. But when they’re done well, there’s nothing better for injecting a bit of happiness into a depressingly hungover day. Love makes the world go round, and I will always relish Katherine Heigl’s engaging and, thankfully, unproblematic quest for love in the midst of a whole host of dubious bridesmaid dresses.

27 dresses

Austin Powers

If a mindless, hilarious comedy is what you’re after, then the Austin Powers trilogy delivers exactly that. After being cryogenically frozen for thirty years, Austin Powers emerges into a completely different world. Watch Mike Myers’ easy transformation from swinging Sixties spy Austin Powers to mastermind plotter Dr Evil, seducing Beyonce, Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham along the way. Still funny.

austin powers


Much like The Hangover, provocative comedy Bachelorette is a reassuring prompt that your night out was probably pretty tame in comparison with a cocaine-fuelled expedition across the strip clubs and hotel swimming pools of New York City. Thoroughly entertaining and easily passing the Bechdel test with flying colours, Bachelorette stars Kirsten Dunst, Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan as they try to deal with the world’s most disgusting wedding dress.


And because I am apparently an audacious cheat: if you’re STILL feeling dead to the world… Parks and Recreation

When my boyfriend and I were watching Parks and Recreation, I committed the cardinal sin of relationships and skipped ahead whenever I was hungover. No regrets. Nothing cures a nauseated stomach like a dose of Leslie Knope’s optimism. Binge forever.

parks and rec 2



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