Travel Tuesdays: Top 3 Day Trips from Glasgow

Although I am a city girl through-and-through, sometimes I can’t help but crave a country escape. There’s definitely something special about being in the presence of breathtaking natural landscapes and gorgeous views like the one above – the sort of beauty that the city just can’t offer! And as springtime beckons, I’m feeling in the mood to share some of my favourite day trips from Glasgow. Perfect for any city-dweller or overseas visitor alike, these are three stunning West Scottish locations that you should definitely visit at some point!



Millport is the town located on the tiny Isle of Great Cumbrae, just a quick Largs-bound train and a ferry away from Glasgow city centre. For some inexplicable reason, everyone just refers to the entire island as ‘Millport’. It’s a very popular destination during the Scottish summer – yes we do actually get one! – and it’s absolutely worth a visit. Although there’s loads of fish and chips and ice cream sundaes on offer, by far the best thing to do on the Isle of Cumbrae is to cycle. The whole island is only 11 miles round, and cycling around the encircling coastal road affords plenty of beautiful views.




Luss is honestly the most gorgeous village that I’ve ever encountered. My boyfriend and I only ended up there because I fancied prolonging our weekend trip to Loch Lomond, and just picked the next place on the map along the loch’s west coast. But I am unbelievably glad that I randomly decided to go there! Not only is the village itself wonderfully picturesque and the sort of perfect settlement that only seems to exist in books, the view from nearby Loch Lomond is absolutely exquisite. I can’t tell you how many photos I took in a five-minute span – my boyfriend had to drag me away! (also these photos DEFINITELY do not do Luss justice)




My absolute favourite place for a beachy day away! Everyone seems to head to Ayr the minute the sun hits the sky but they’re definitely mistaken: not only is Troon’s beach much bigger and much more scenic, it’s also considerably emptier. No struggling to find beach space in Troon! Days at Troon with my friends are always the best days – lots of Greggs, 99 ice cream cones and going for a dip in the freezing sea. And for some reason I always end up much more burnt than I ever do in Spain…

22I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on Scottish destinations, or day trips from Glasgow. Does anyone have any recommendations? ❤



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